Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Wish!

I sat by the stream and enjoyed the feeling of running water under my feet, the clear blue sky, the birds so involved in a conversation from which I was totally excluded due to language barriers, the fragrance of the flowers tickled my nose making me wonder, had I passed the judgment day and entered the garden of bliss, was I in heaven?

Tirrrrr……my cell vibrated and brought me back to reality. These are the times when I regret buying my beloved blackberry. My thoughts take a new turn….. So easily have we given up all that nature has to offer, the twittering birds have been replaced by following the twitter religiously, the cool breeze replaced by the split AC and the strolls in the garden have been restricted to a machine in the gym. I wonder what price has man paid to call himself the most civilized of animals.

Well! Well! Do not judge that I am writing all this sitting in some tree house in Kerela or in a boat house in Kashmir, where I have ample time to introspect on the life I have subjected myself to on being a proud member of the all so happening urban crowd. Though I would have to agree that I want to have the cake and eat too.

….I want it all, the best of both worlds. The advantages of an urban life sitting in the lap of nature. You think it’s impossible….think again!

With the competition that the thriving market of real estate faces, it has to catch the fancy of the consumer. Voila! Landscaping gained the vital stage. Man has put his intelligence to recreate all you enjoyed during your childhood , grab the opportunity. I grabbed my chance at merging all that ‘I wanted’ to all ‘I could get’ when I bought a house, not in the valleys of the Himalayas! but in the city of Pune, a project of TAIN and a home for me.

Those moments of bliss that were so rudely disturbed by my second wife, I was enjoying just outside my home. Somewhere in the vicinity, yet a world so far apart where a man stuck in a traffic jam must be wondering how to get away, contemplating on the well deserved holiday. I with a rueful smile appreciate myself on the clever investment that has made my life a never ending holiday…….life is not what one wants it to be, it’s what one makes it. So never end with ‘I wish’ go on till it is ‘I have’.


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