Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Secret……

Weelll… I do not know how many people in the world are same as I , cause my times for myself,to understand and introspect are in the shhhh…….Bathroom! Either it is the privacy that I get there of maybe I am just wiered.The best of ideas strike me but there…..No! I am not one of those people who carry a book to give me company! I just like to be there by myself. A childhood habit that never left me, I remember those days when my mom and dad used to yell at me cause I have been inside for a godforsaken 1 and a half hours!!! What are you doing in there? Is your Cleopatra bath over? The bus is outside….come fast you haven’t had breakfast……the never ending saga. My dad used to make fun…you do not need to build a house just build a big bathroom….. So I was not looking at a luxury houses for sale……I was looking at a custom residential builder. Thus I decided that TAIN would have to be the one…as no body brings in so much clarity in customization as them.


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