Friday, May 14, 2010

One in a million!

When I was getting engaged all the people I knew told me that I was so lucky to find a husband like this, he is one in a million…oh! You lucky female! And in the light that I still had no experience of the male species as my husband (nor the same of my gender)… I willingly agreed.

Now five years of blissful marriage…..Get me the towel! Where is my phone? Why is there so much salt in the food? Where are the kids? Why aren’t you ready? What ….why…who….how…when… this…do that…..god! I wonder if instead of marrying the man I was supposed to….. I married the machine that keeps you on the run…so that you stay healthy!

How many kids do you have….two I reply…one daughter and one son? they ask….no one daughter and one man I reply!

So all those who told me that I was marrying a man who was just perfect, I can say that they were wrong, cause if a man was perfect…then he would have a ‘S’ prefixed,


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