Sunday, May 9, 2010

I live again

Buried in those days are memories so close to my heart
Those friends from whom nothing could keep me apart
Those moments those were carefree, those evenings of playing
All those times when you knew not what you were saying
Spending those nights in sleep and days in daydreaming
The first time I was scolded and all my howling and crying
The first time I walked, the race that I won,
All those memories of joy and fun
That trip to Goa with College friends
All those breakup and amends
My graduation picture, those awards that I won
The first date with my wife, the day we were married
The day, in my arms, my daughter I did carry
All those moment I live and relive again
It brings a smile to me and heals all my pain
This room is dedicate to me and my memories
A room that is designed especially for me
A room in where my past and future I see
This room that is mine, is free from every other chain
I thank you once again for giving me this TAIN.


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