Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hang UP!!!

If you happen to be 96 years old and reading this…atta boy, way to keep up with the times!
I’d rather write about your 9 and a half decades than ‘contemporary-ness’ in full bloom because then what else could stand true for kuhn-tem-puh-rer-ee.
Newton’s discovery of the calculus was one that was contemporary with that of Leibniz or a classic Georgian table with a contemporary wig stand. What it does stand for is the fact that it is in sync with the current times and…belongs.
The same goes for the piece of art that adorns your wall. Time and again there have been incidences where you try and interpret why..why so? The cat in a circle overlapped by a hemorrhage of other geometrical shapes that lives in my bedroom; I’m sorry I do not know what it interprets into but I attribute it as the cat’s life coming a full circle (this I say sans the influence of canned barley or its counterparts). Contemporary? Quite not…but enough to blend it to my plane of thought.

 Lucian Freud's portrait of Francis Bacon
So what is it about this post modern art era that makes it so appealing to the masses through its subtle abstractionism?
I’d have to say the fact that ‘to keep up’ with the times; this free flow yet distinguishing form of art chooses to holler about everyday life and times. Artists’ have know to paint to about anything – right from the reducing size of burgers to racism, global warming…you name it, there’s one already out there somewhere.

This having said; contemporary art is sometimes in defiance more or less at odds with a majority of the school of thought who choose to disagree that such art and its values do not share their ideas and values.
However this ‘cultural utopia’ that leaves us baffled every time there’s a new kid on the block is only the advent of newer and much more inspirational art for future to see I’d like to believe.
…and for those who disagree, Dah-lings we haven’t done away with our Monets and Renoirs just yet!


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