Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dream all you can…


Dreams are what one tends to always take for granted, I dream about having a beautiful house one day, a house that I will design, a house that will have a big kitchen, I will have a gaming room….. dreams die fast don’t they or may be we just grow up to realize that since they may, just may, not come true so give up on them!

Well I had a dream….a dream house where everything would be just as I wanted it to be….then one day I started earning….and realized that it would take a lot more to build myself a palace. Well! That’s what it would be with me having to construct my own space.

Then I came across TAIN, they gave me an opportunity to live my dream a chance to build my own palace. Where I decided how I wanted my home to look like, each space was defined by me.

TAIN gave me the opportunity to live my dreams; they gave an opportunity to rediscover myself in my new home.


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