Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A movie to remember…..

For the movie buffs I found a perfect catch…fair and square the movie is perfect for a watch while you have it to catch up some good stuff! The Apartment directed by Billy Wilder in 1960, is movie that has a perfect theme as a movie directed by a person of such caliber is expected….but what interests me the most is that the whole movie is set to revolve in and around the apartment. Complete genius on part of the script writer as for not the name…..somebody would wonder….did that movie have the protagonist as ….the apartment?

The plot spells out a man using his apartment as a stepping stone to success and how the tables turn to complicate issues for him and steal the love of him life and destiny that finally brings them back together. A movie that got five Oscars and many more claims to fame ….with a unique plot as this is a definite must watch!


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