Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Day!

When I grow up I will have a home
The walls of sunshine, the roof a rainbow
My bed will be of flowers, where I shall sleep for hours
I will cook a meal in a small little cave
I shall wander in the open meadows
I shall collect fruits for a rainy day
The birds will sing along with me
Oh! How wonderful life will be
Squirrels and I, shall play a game of hide and seek
Their climbing skills they shall flaunt
The day will be spent as I want
In the night I shall gaze at stars far away
And wonder what to me they say,
The moon will be my bedroom light
No darkness for me, there shall be no fright
My home will be my little heaven
I known, none will believe what I am saying
Until they see a home at TAIN.


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