Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Four Poster Bed

For all those who believe in the holy powers of healing, Pranayam or the Art of Living, way to go folks..!! The yonder is not that far on the horizon for you. Me (and I’d like to believe there are quite a number of us out there), on the other hand take the phrase- ‘The art of living’ far too literally.
For me ‘tis not just a way to exist. It’s the space, the perimeter, the comfort that extends into the surroundings I breathe into. My quest for the same made me travel through the ages of the Neolithic, spanning through the Baroque, Gothic, Medieval and the Richardsonian. After a lot of thought investment and comparisons as to which style would complement my state of mind, etching this down into permanency within the four walls of my abode became quite a task.
While some were too overwhelming, others were plain…blah!

While my requirements were sparse, my clutter was …how do I put it; all-required. Nothing that could be left out. So white colored TV unites than skim the lengths of the room were out of question.
So I figured would be to make a mix-bag of my sense of architectural styles. The Persian rug was trimmed and attached to it was a black faux feathery strip of clothing. The walls turned black n yellow with graffiti and while all this made it look like a Rock Musician kink room….there was my four poster bed.
Set amidst an ocean of particulate matter, my crawling space stood and signified the only thing I loved most in my life…Sleep!

Yes, yes so I know this sounds very dramatic but then how else is it to be simplified that living spaces are to reflect one’s state of mind and how one expects to be when one walks into it.
I personally wouldn’t want to walk into a room with lights from all around which is a constant reminder to a rave party about to get busted or for that sake a room as bland as one with everything arranged geometrically.
So debate as you much the fusion of d├ęcor from eras now and then, one thing I know for sure is if there is one place where Baroque and Richardson harmoniously exist; then here it is!


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