Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lighting up the right way

Apartments can definitely take on a whole new look by effective use of lighting options, ever considered that…? Not necessary the artificial sources used for lighting but also managing the natural sources well can add new dimensions to your living spaces.

I manipulate what I can not change…

Fixed lights, which you have no way of getting away with can be managed to suit your personality with the use of different lamp shades and globes or bulbs. Chandeliers or small shades, you opt according to the look you intend to give. Try different textures and colours than sticking to the plain old glass to give a whole new look to your room.

Light up your floor

Want to add some interest to your home, do it this way. Floor lights not only come in interesting shapes and patterns but can also be placed anywhere. A floor lamp, near a floor vase, or next your favorite chair, beside a desk or near your bed side can add immense personality to the room.

Want to add charm, go for the table lamp…

Table lamps come in different styles just to fit every decorating style and do not weigh much on your purse. So if you want to go for the traditional style or modern ones, the choice is yours. You have ample to choose from. A table lamp on a bed side table with a photo frame to go along provides the simple yet classy décor for your bedroom. A table lamp of suitable shape can also go with the décor of your washroom.

Though is you want to go for the non-electric lighting option, an oil lamp or well placed candles in ethnic candle holders can just add that simple yet elegant at the same time earthy look to your apartment.

So do not ignore the aspect of lighting while doing up your dream house because this can bring out the desired effect to your living space.


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