Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Forgotten Game

When we were children, my siblings and I…had to end the day with a game of carom,
It was not only the time for just a game but also the time when the family went over all the happenings of the day. Leg pulling and fighting was also an essential part of these fun filled times.

As time waits for none, we grew up and went on in different directions and to have our own families. I got married and have three kids, settled in with everything for a comfortable living. For the recent family get together we went to my parents house the place that held fond memories of me growing up.

Owing to the monsoon showers, our evenings were confide at home, so my brother came up with the suggestion that the carom board relegated to the store house should be brought back to its former glory. Those evenings made me realize ,all those family times that my children were missing out on. Thus when I came back I decided to look for a home that will allow me to utilize my space to the maximum invested in TAIN, and I have my dedicated carom room that will nurture fond family memories that my children will carry forth, they shall carry forth a part of me.


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