Sunday, May 9, 2010

Leaving for home

Delhi was the city I was born and brought up in thus leaving it was something that I had not event pondered about…….And ‘phoof’ all my misconceptions blow off! We are leaving for Pune in a month’s time…..excuse me! Am I invisible? Can somebody care to ask me if I want to go? And that was the end of my life or I thought so……I came to Pune and realized that I did not mind the city too much; actually I took quite a liking to it. But one thing that I never find was home….until….My parents decided to invest in a house in Pune….

That was when I left for home…a place that was to wipe away all the tears I had shed….I could design my part of the house….I could have my own space. Well! For a teenager you can not even begin to imagine how wonderful that sounded. Memories of the city I was born in can never be replaced but the home that I found here can never be exchanged for anything in the world .I totally love my room!


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