Friday, May 28, 2010

Now MANage

Give it a thought….if the new age man can be called a homemaker then the alien would be from earth wouldn’t he?

So do not be surprised if I tell you that a man is now capable of doing up his own house….so voila…I learnt to place a flower vase in the correct place and fortunately learnt the correct use… did not attempt to play baseball with it….unbelievable…I matched the bed cover with the curtain.. I understood the utility of a sofa and did not mistake it for my bed…I am the new age man and can proudly call myself a home maker ….yes you heard correct a maker not wreaker!

Oh! Well I do not advocate a stay at home daddy….all I say is that….even a bachelor should know how to keep his stuff well so that the house can be called a home. Driven by the need to not only have a house to live in but the fact that it reflects your lifestyle, it makes it an absolute necessity to keep your space in style.


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