Thursday, May 6, 2010


If …..

No this is not what Kipling said, and not at all what he meant
Dream oh! Yes one must do but find a way for them to come true
Architecture all so fine but I want a tree too, to recline
All I want is a room somewhere, but through the windows want the sun to shine
Wind that blows in through one window, and whoosh! Through the other out it goes
I feel so safe and provided for, protected from all my foes
The walls of my house talk to me and reflect all that I am and want to be
I saw you grow in front of my eyes, that now you do, reach the skies
Ying and yang all combined, you are the best, one can find
A house has never been a home to me
But with you a future I can see
Living with you in blessed matrimony
I thank those who gave you to me
You are all I fantasized,
TAIN saw me long for you,
Cause of them today I am with you
Who said you are just bricks and stone
With me, happiness and suffering you have borne
Contentment you bring to me
My home you are, and always will be



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