Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to be up there!

A tree house….always have dreamed of living up there. Getting up in the morning beside the birdie’s whose chirping will but be my alarm. Having a bath in my balcony, under the open sky without a care of my neighbor peeping in. Decorating , my room with fresh lilies. Hmmmm…wishful thinking….getting down to collect groceries for my meal….! But all I get is a rude shock like just an earthquake crumpled my house and brought me crashing to earth. Dreams can hurt real bad…..but then tell me away possible to stop dreaming…..But tree houses are not only hot for recreation but also eco-friendly and sustainable and what better location than the forest, where you get you can get all the material and more you may need for building a tree house, re-cycling could not be put to better use. So want to be on top of the world, which better way than this?


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