Friday, May 7, 2010


One of my favorite books have been Ayan Rand’s ‘Fountainhead’, that’s one of the reasons why my teenage aspiration was to become an architect, no not for the reasons you are guessing….that was because I had fallen in love with, Howard Roark. So in hope that if I pursue this career I may just land up meeting a man like him, I let my heart sway in the direction of his dreams Sounds like a good Mills and Boon plot even to my ears, but man proposes and god disposes. Architecture though remained the love that never was fulfilled.

Walking into the site of TAIN construction, my long lost love found a way to blossom. Reading about the structural innovation and design that could be customized according to the needs of the consumer had my eye pooping out.

Revolutionary in its approach yet rooted in its beliefs, TAIN reminded me so much of the man I had once lost my heart too. Long ago when the girl in me had lost hope of finding her true love….she had told herself not to indulge in such fantasies. Guess that’s not so cause dreams come true…..I found some one just like Howard, I found TAIN.


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