Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Art of chaos

Even cluster has a beauty to it, if you have intended it to be that way and if this particular style reflected your personality though you need to understand where it adds beauty and where we can do without it.

Whoa…enter ….WHOSE ROOM IS THIS?
You should be ashamed….is that your pet lizard on the bed? What’s that sticking out from under the T.V is that your blue scarf?
Your closet is going to collapse with burden…its stuffed…what kind of new lamp shade is that with a VIP tag…oppose! Man….whose room is this, sure needs some advise on cleanliness….what! What? Did you just say…..This room belongs to Me. Oh! No wonder looks so familiar, it just is the way I like it.

Common reactions and easy way to escape the dreaded task of cleaning up….no not just the teenagers you see come under this category, a lot of grownups too are included. So keep your house simple and avoiding too much stuff may just solve your problem, and your weekends will be spared for many joyous activities.


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