Friday, May 14, 2010


“Hey! I am you inner voice.”
Oh…hi! I said to meet you is nice
Why have you come to meet me though?
“I have some things to you to show”
“You live your life everyday, what have you in these years but gained.”
Puzzled by this question, me, replied, experience, meekly!
“What do you meant by that?”
Without an answer I there sat…
“Seek your soul and answer me….tell me what you think it should be”
I thought and thought……not a word but came to me…
“Now I shall go, then you will see…”
My Inner voice left me there….
I said a question without an answer is not fair….
Few days then went by…
I thought about this often, I shall not lie
What have I gained in all these year’s
Was it love? Was it fear?
What was left when he went?
What do you gain when something leaves?
Oh! Yes it was but….Memories….


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