Friday, May 14, 2010


Doesn’t everybody have this one person in the family that we always tend to avoid… uncle whose jokes where outdated even the last time you heard them, an aunt whose tales about the family put you to sleep even at the dining table…..a cousin who just can not stop bragging…...I am sure everybody does and so do I , an aunt…..great grand aunt…..every time I was cornered by her I sent puppy looks to people all around so as to gain some sympathy but none would come to my rescue. AH! Guess what the best part was I did not even get what she was talking about…soo….poor me trying to figure out at all times what she is talking about….gave a dutiful nod at intervals.

Hmmm….sooo here she cornered me at the end of the room where I found no route to escape, she smiles at me, and I prepare myself for the story….she starts off! On……onnnn…goes on…..and onnn…..then finally she gives me the smile and walks away. Later when the ladies of the house meet to gossip…my mother tells me you know that poor great aunt mistook you for the aunt of yours who recently got divorced and ……then understanding took possession…..she was giving me marital advice….and I was just in class 11….hah!will be useful for the future,,,unfortunately I had not got a word!


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