Friday, May 14, 2010

If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

Hah! caught you on this one did I not….I am a humanitarian….defined by what standards….fighting for the poor tribal and their rights or standing up for the ‘injustice’ being done to Kasab,by giving him a death sentence. Well! The ways of the world never cease to amuse me…..So how about starting with giving a thirsty man on the road some water, or a man who has collapsed on the footpath some recognition, why? Debate over the global topics when the local ‘HUMANS’ are in need for dire help. This fight for human rights has really….got me thinking….do not the poor traffic policemen suffer inhumane conditions, standing in a busy junction and inhaling the not so pure air, so why not fight for them to be provide with masks, why not provide the rag pickers with some protection from those toxic wastes, why not help those children on the roadside addicted to opium……who are forced to beg….???

Oh…..this…..oh …..That…..why me? Why not you? …..the tune continues to play……if we could only pay some heed to the lyrics ….may be…just may be…we could understand the concept……of I am Human too, Fight for my rights, be my voice!


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