Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oliver asks for more…more…more …..more…….well! reading, Oliver Twist I never was able to figure how someone can stay perpetually hungry! Dreams aspirations……want…want…want…..guess that story ought to have taught me something, the same tone rings in our everyday life. Well so if somebody asks me, then I without a doubt would claim that satisfaction is the ultimate truth, the only path to attain nirvana.

No I do not write for the column of ‘Speaking tree’ , I just talk about the dilemma that I face, a gap between………who am I and what I want to Be. A desire to be a wildlife photographer and all the skills I had to become one were drowned in the reality responsibilities that I had to shoulder, so here I am sitting on a desk enjoying what I do but not living it and the only connect I have with nature is National Geographic or Discovery. Can I hear laughter……? Well don’t be too soon to mock at me because all of us living in the chaos of a city want to but get away from it don’t we?. See that’s why satisfaction and contentment can never be achieved by mortal beings such as us.

Dream on…….I will retire find a house in the country side, have a stream flowing by, winds that blow unobstructed by concrete, safety and security will not to be have thought of……well I say one can achieve that but that’s after you retire from the job of living. Did I sound too harsh, pardon me for being the one to bring to you harsh reality.

So giving up all hopes of finding contentment, I went all living my life. Invest in a car, invest in gold…..its time you buy a house, now get settled. Sometimes I think all of us are living the same story with just different twists in it.

Midst nature I find my house and guess what…I !a man who’s love for nature must have been well communicated to you went ahead to question the architect of TAIN about how strong is the design, can I depend on the construction……Oliver must have been put to shame someone is soooo much greedier than him.

Should I, should I not? Finally I took the plunge. After living here now I know that contentment is for mortal beings too…..soo…. I pronounced understanding as the only path to enlightenment; to know what I mean by understanding look up some spiritual healing books after all I am not the authority to comment on such things am I?


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