Thursday, June 17, 2010

The lost Friend

My dreams are close to my heart, for which I shall forever be indebted to my dreams. The long road that I walked had nobody, just me and my friend. Together we
Explored the life, that otherwise would has consisted of me. My friend guided me through the difficult paths, showed me light where there was only dark. I found solace in my thoughts that one day somebody would care would bother to ask me, question me, fight with me, fight for me. With time grew the distance, between me and my friend, I sought companionship with people, something that I would repent. Because nobody understood me better that my friend, he understood my pain and helped me deal with it. As years flew by, the dissatisfaction increased by leaps and bounds, till I knew not what I wanted. The dawn came by, but I stayed in my room. True friends never leave your side, my friend was true. The moment I called for him, he came. Together we spent the entire day together, me, and my friend, loneliness.


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