Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cuckoos Nest

I sat in one, I flew to another, I had some memories, I shared my life…but nothing gave me the feeling of home sweet home. I am a cuckoo….and was cuckoo to be so. I never even bother to give a second thought to buying a place that I could call my own…ask me why and my honest reply would be that it never crossed my mind, or even if it did I never paid any heed. The obvious question would be “Then why now?’ .This summer I went to best friends country home. The home that he grew up in…the home that held memories so dear to his hearts…the windows that gave him the glimpse of the world, the walls that gave him security, the ceilings that reflected his thoughts, the kitchen that spoken of unsaid words, the garden that gave him solace…the home that made him the man he is today. The feeling was jealously, I had no such place, I could run back to a place that I could find myself. I decided that when I invest in a home, it would be all that is me.


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