Thursday, June 17, 2010

The little drops of rain.

Every drop of rain that falls has a purpose, well have you ever thought of small things in life that though small can have a large effect on you. There are things in life that we tend to ignore, but it is these things that form a mighty reason for our living. So acknowledging these things will give us an insight into the larger picture, to the world that we so wish to conquer, the world we live in. Building of our life is like building of our home, where what we place in each and every corner affects the aesthetics of the home. The small vase in the corner, the key holder on the wall matter to the d├ęcor of the home. Imagine the house with the soothing colour combination, of blue and white and a jutting red vase in the corner can spoil the whole feel. Thus while building one’s world it is necessary that everything should be placed appropriately and care for or it might just loose its shine.


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