Friday, June 11, 2010


Rich chocolate tantalizing the taste buds, swirling through my senses. Making me aware of the secret temptations that I had hidden, the forbidden pleasures of life. Have you experienced the rich chocolate hypnotizing you. Well for those who live to loose themselves in the richness of Chocolate, Cad B is the place to be.

I have to loose 10 kilos, Can we go for CadB after college?...statements so contradictory yet so predictable. After all who can forgo the love of chocolate , can you? I have often tried to unveil the secret behind this temptress, but have always been lead down the empty path. The warm arms of chocolate invite me, to forget all my worries, the happiness to be shared, love to be realized and heart burns to be erased. The world that is a place of refugee yet a place of destruction. The dark tempting chocolate will live to be a mysterious delight for years to come.


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