Friday, June 11, 2010


For a person like, who lives in my own dreams. My wonderland is all that I create, a house made of chocolate, decorated with gems, the windows of candy. So no house has ever had the privilege of capturing my attention. Hence settling down ,for me, was only when I put my head on the pillow and was transported to another land where I could customize my house. And the bomb shell fell…my girlfriend refused to marry me until I bought a house. I may want a dream house but craved for a real family so I had to find a solution to problem at hand. Mostly people in love shed every petal of the flower to know if they were to find their love will be fulfilled or not, well! I shed every petal of the flower, every second of the day, every thought in mind…as to if I shall find my dream house or not. Call this a strange obsession or me a weird person, but so it be. I was almost on the verge of declaring myself a bachelor for life when I invested in my dream house at TAIN.


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