Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dorothy had it right all along

“There’s no place like home” – when Dorothy, in her red shoes, clicked her heels three times and repeated these words in a bid to get home, she meant it with all her heart. And really, how many of us can even disagree with that statement? After a long day at work, regardless of an AC workplace that is no doubt comfortable, every one wants to come back to the comfort of their own home. Even students who live in rented apartments; long to go back to those apartments they call home. A place that you call your own; a place that belongs to you, even if only for the time being. Everyone longs for a place like that in their lives, so that they can decorate and design it in a way that is uniquely theirs. TAIN, with its tagline, really does explore possibilities. Possibilities of catering to people with varied tastes, and satisfying them all. At TAIN, everyone can find a home; a place that they can call their own; a place that belongs to them; a place that is uniquely theirs. Because that is what TAIN strives to do – provide a complete living environment using the best resources available.


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