Thursday, June 10, 2010

The shooting star

Amazed by something, that dies to fulfill your wish. I am too, the emotion of selflessness. The shooting star stands for that, in my eyes. Dropping down from the sky to the earth it gives you something that you want. Is the emotion of selflessness otherwise non-existent? Are all bonds in our life born out of an ulterior motive?

I was walking through the road, one day that, I saw a large number of bees lying dead….my eye wandered up to notice the bee hive. It made me think about the reason for this mass destruction. How did so many of them die at one go…? My heart ached for the lives that were taken away. A leaf falling down, spoke to me, illusion, you may say but for me those words were profound and told me a lot about selflessness…those bees that died sacrificed their lives to protect the hive, the wind was too strong, the solution was only one. They gave up their existence for something that was bigger than life, love, relations and bonds…they gave their life for the reason , the meaning of life…meaning that you achieve when you live or die for others.


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