Thursday, June 10, 2010


In the corner of her room sat the rocking chair, on which I remember my grandmother sitting a telling us folktales, stories would effectively transport us to a land of dreams, the next stop being undisturbed sleep.

The chair, when I was small, signified just a place where my grandmother would sit. Today it holds a deeper meaning for me…when I look at the chair not it is as if the motion of the chair, to and fro, is, what is, life. The transportation from one world to another and back, from expectations to achievement to back, from happiness to sorrow to back, from demand and possession to back, from night and day to back ,from end to beginning to end….our life just swings us through the same thing…to and fro. But still when I sit on that chair with all these thoughts clouding my mind, I fall into a dreamless sleep…this to and fro motion is where we find it all.


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