Saturday, August 14, 2010

Working it.

A workstation at one’s office is their personal space during the 8-9 hours spent in the office. But often, it isn’t used as that. Who says that workstations have to be drab and dull, just because they are “work”stations? They can be spruced up subtly to make work a little more fun to be around! Here are a few tips on how you can make your workplace the island of joy in the chaotic world of deadlines.

• Keep it simple. Adding too many items does nothing to make the workstation any nicer. Just choose one or two key pieces to keep on the desk.
• To create a warm, strong work environment, add a touch of leather to your desk. This could be in any form – leather pen and pencil holders, organizing units, etc.
• Well placed photo boxes can brighten up the work area. Plus, they give you the added storage options for paper, pens, etc.
• To make a bold statement in your workplace, colour is the best choice, as is light. They not only brighten up your office, but also add a touch of style.
• Place a vase full of fresh cut flowers on your desk and you’ll notice the colour as well as the scent it brings.


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