Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting away.

Most of the time, people take on too much in their lives – professionally and personally, but mostly professionally. They want to do everything, they want to be everywhere. Taking things slowly is never on the agenda. Partly because of how competitive the world is, partly because how caught up we are in keeping ourselves busy. But what can be done to keep us sane? And who are we kidding; we need some external source of sane-keeping, because if left to our own devices, we’ll overwork our lives away. And become what the world will eventually make us – overworked robots.

The only answer I can think of, that can even remotely keep us above the surface is one word – GETAWAY. John Mayer got it right when he sang “Nothing to do, nowhere to be/A simple little kind of free”. He sings that line in a completely different context, but that line on its own, is exactly what we need to do. I know of people who take holidays on quite a regular basis, and work continuously, nonstop, inclusive of Sundays for all the time in between two holidays. But then their holidays are just what holidays are meant to be – complete and utter relaxation of body, mind and soul. No pressure, no deadlines, no cell phones, nothing. A couple of days just with yourself, and/or your family. It could be in a city or country far away, or it could be the pleasure of staying home. Whatever the getaway destination, the point is to GET AWAY. And it’ll be fairly evident when life goes back to normal, how much that getaway was needed.


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