Monday, August 30, 2010

Friendly Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood, as the word implies, has a lot to do with neighbours. And one of the best ways to interact with our neighbours, is by having public gardens in our neighbourhood. A garden where children can run around freely, with other children their age. A garden where senior citizens can relax, with newspapers or without, and just take in some fresh air. A garden where fitness conscious youth can go for a daily run. These kind of places provide an opportunity for neighbours to interact, for them to know more about each other, for them to be able to implement the age old saying “Love thy neighbour”. It makes the neighbourhood a friendly, familiar place to stay – a place where everyone knows everyone at least by face, rather than the cold, concrete, impersonal place that everyone today has become accustomed to. Unfamiliarity has made its way into everyone’s daily lives; maybe it is time to send it back where it’s come from.


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