Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Speaking House

If walls were to speak they would have numerous stories to tell of people who lived within their confines and all their joys sufferings the births the deaths and everything that came in between. In short all that happened within could be told movingly, passionately, lovingly and sorrowfully.

What about windows ? They look out at the world outside from within. If every window had a panorama outside with the ever changing colours of the sky, the clouds and the sunshine the meadows and its grass the daisies and the daffodils and every living thing that moved and sang its song of joy. We would be transported to another world and another era.

In today’s world where buildings stand cheek by jowl these panoramic views outside the windows are only available in magazines photographs movies or in places far from the maddening crowd which is our urban world. Houses do not speak either of the tales in bygone era nor of the outside world. We live in pads, condomiums and flats. There is no history because everybody moves on. Let alone grandchildren, the children will move away soon enough. The world is only in cyberspace and of course the make believe world of the electronic media.

Let us look for places where one wants to settle down where a child’s joy a youths passion an adults dreams and an old persons memories all co exist happily and then there is a panaroma outside which is enchanting made up of hills lush green countryside flora and fauna all to make up a symphony of everlasting beauty.

- Ravi Kulkarni


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