Thursday, August 5, 2010


Closet space is something that everyone struggles with, because it is so scarce. If you thought only Rebecca Bloomwood had to struggle with it, you have something else coming your way. She was not alone. Many houses nowadays come with limited closet space and even someone who does not have a shopping addiction like Ms. Bloomwood did, needs adequate closet space for storage. The following are a few tips that can help maximize closet space.

• Declutter. Remove the entire contents of the closet and go through them item-by-item to decide whether or not you need it.
• Add more shelves. Additional shelves help more things to fit into closets, especiall top shelves.
• Use shelf dividers. They prevent sweaters and other bulky items of clothing from toppling.
• Hang hooks. Hanging hooks on the inside of your closet door for belts, scarves, etc saves on space.
• Use suitcase storage. For anything seasonal, keep it in an old suitcase and store it out of the way to leave room for the things you use on a daily basis.
• Get rolling drawers or bins. These are generally inexpensive and can easily make quick use out of the floors of your closet, which are often just a dumping ground for shoes and other household items.


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