Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making it big, no matter how small.

Small bedrooms often end up looking overcrowded, because they lack basic floor space. But with proper lighting, furniture, etc even a small bedroom can be made to look elegant and spacious.

• Walls and ceilings
For small bedrooms, light colours should be used for the walls. The advantage of using light colours is that the light colour reflects the light falling on it, thereby creating an illusion of space. It is important to not use more than one colour for the walls, making the room appear less crowded. It is better to use ONE colour for the walls and the ceiling. This makes the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

• Lighting
Small bedrooms should ideally have soft and gentle lighting. Instead of lamps that are on stands, mount lamps on the walls.

• Beds
Folding beds are commonly used to save space. The ones that fold into the wall. However, another option is platform beds, which are low in height. Futon beds too, make a room appear more spacious. Futons are sofas in the day and can be extended to make a bed.

• Storage space
Under-the-bed storage is the best way to avoid storage problems in small bedrooms. When you buy your bed, you should get one that has cabinets under it. Most platform beds come along with storage drawers as well. However, make sure you have enough space to pull the drawers out. For wardrobe space, it is best to buy floor to ceiling ones, so that all the space is utilized.

• Furniture
While getting the closets done, make sure to get sliding doors so that they don’t come in the way. Avoid furniture that takes up too much space and try to mount as much as possible on the walls.

• Mirrors
Mirrors are an excellent way of providing the illusion of space. When they’re placed in front of light sources, they reflect the limited space that is available; making it look like the room is double the size of what it is.

In some cases, size doesn’t matter. Even if your room is the smallest ever, with just the right tactics, it can be decorated to look like it isn’t. It’s just about using the right things in the right places.


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