Monday, August 23, 2010

New Age Desks

A very essential part of the décor of a room, that most people tend to ignore nowadays, is a writing desk. In this age of technology, the poor desk is ignored. But for a person like me, desks play a really important part. I’m an old school girl who, in spite of the advancing technology, prefers the use of paper, pens and the likes. I like knowing that the basics that I had as a kid have not completely disappeared from my life. And growing up, a study/writing desk was one of those basics. The basic desk rarely exists anymore, so keeping up with changing times, it is time to keep up with evolving desk designs.

• Space saving desk by MisoSoup

• Completely Cardboard Office Interior by Nothing Agency

• All-in-One Inverted Cubicle by 04i

• Liquid cooled Computer and Desk combo by Popular Mechanics

• Ultramodern Desk Chair Design Set by Atomare


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