Friday, August 27, 2010

The pains of moving.

It is time to move out of your house and neighbourhood, into a completely different one on the other end of town, or maybe in a new town altogether. It is a heart wrenching thing, to move houses, especially a house that you may have spent many years in, forming many more memories than the years that have been spent in it. It doesn’t matter if the new house that you have picked out with such love and care is the closest thing to perfection you have seen. Moving out of a familiar zone, wrecks havoc with your emotions. While this affects children and adolescents the most, nobody – no matter how old and mature – can escape the moving blues. There is security in familiarity, as much as there is excitement in the unknown.

Moving is not always a choice, sometimes it is a necessity. It could be a better job offer, it could be a death in the family. Either way, voluntarily or not, moving houses is an emotional time. It is the time when you feel a sense of loss, at having to leave behind the comfort of routine and be placed in a completely new environment. It is a sadness that you feel, at leaving your friendly neighbours behind. Other than that, it is a sense of chaos you feel, trying to fit your entire life into a number of boxes – boxes that are never big enough or sturdy enough to hold all that your life is. It is the confusion you feel when the time comes to remove things from the boxes in order to make everything fit – what do you keep, what do you remove? That is a question that can never be answered.

Moving is not easy, and it never will be. But having a house, which is as close to your dreamhouse as possible, to move into makes the transition a lot more tolerable. It gives you something to look forward to, it gives you the chance to create new memories in a new place, it gives you an opportunity to use the unblemished canvas of blank walls to create your own space – a space that can be made as much your own as the one that you left behind.


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