Friday, May 18, 2012

Pop a champagne and how!

So, Guinness is celebrating its 250th Anniversary this year and they've decided to make a splash with it. Quite literally.

The company commissioned London based Jump Studios to repurpose a submarine, creating the world's first deep sea bar! Working in co-ordination with famed carpenter and designer Nicholas Alexander, Jump Studios has created this funky bar in the insides of the submarine. Designed to look like it was floating full of bubbles the team measured the interiors of the submarine and constructed the pre-fabricated interior shell in Alexander's London studio before assembling it in sub zero temperatures and then sinking the newly created bar deep into the Baltic Sea. While some of these prefabricated bubbles have been fit with LED lights, some have been left open to hold glasses and the like.

 Made to strict marine engineering guidelines, the designers had to take into account not just the unique interiors of the submarine but also the stringent guidelines regarding its daily mechanics and ventilation and fire safety. However, none of that seems to have impaired the signature playfulness of the Jump studio that is now stamped  on the world's first and only deep sea bar. 


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