Friday, May 11, 2012

A Holiday in Nature's Nurture - Eco-Tourism

India is basically known for the suited destinations for adventure lovers, heritage travel and pilgrimage travel. Going on a tour to a place of natural beauty is something which most of us look forward to, and eco tourism is one way of doing this. The new trend in travel is eco-tourism these days, or ecological tourism to give it its full name. In a world where more and more people are looking at ways and means to save the environment as a result of environmental degradation.

As a result, eco-tourism has been around for years. It has only been the last few years that it has really caught the attention of travelers everywhere though. Eco Tourism derived from two words- Ecosystem and Tourism. Eco Tourism is the best option for the people who love nature and its beauty. India is very well known among nature lovers and tourists from all over the world. Being famous for its enriched culture, beauty and heritage, it is getting well equipped with a number of Botanical and Zoological Gardens that are meant to preserve the nature and environment.

Eco-tourism is perfect for individuals interested in the natural world. It is all about getting back to nature and valuing everything around us. As a result, eco-tourism is incredible and can really make you feel like you are alive. The one thing that puts most individuals off is that it sounds expensive, but if you know where to look and take the hints and tips given to you, then it need not be expensive at all.

Eco tourism is of fairly recent origin, but its popularity is growing at a fast rate. Unlike regular forms of tourism, eco tourism involves responsible travel to places of natural beauty and charm, causing less impact on the environment and with consideration for the local culture and people. Due to the popularity of the concept, a lot of tour operators and businessmen try to cash in on the concept by organizing fake eco tourism ventures with scant regard for the preservation or protection of the site or benefit for the local people.

By simply building a multi-storied hotel nearby natural surroundings, some operators advertise their business as eco tourism. If you are planning to go on an eco tourism holiday, however, it is advisable to check the credentials of the tour operator and the place to be visited. A little bit of back ground check can eliminate these risks. Eco tourism is a concept that has been promoted for preventing the environment around us and preserving its resources. Apart from providing a pleasant visit to tourists who wish to take a breath from the hasty city life and enjoy in midst of greenery, it also safeguard the environment from getting ruined.

It is a novel section adjunct to the Indian Tourism plan. This is an ideal form of tourism that encourage going back to natural wealth in every aspects of life. Environment has served us the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying the natural wealth. Eco tourism is one of the major steps in saving the nature from global warming. Every tourism sector and tourists should encourage eco tourism for the well being of our surroundings.


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