Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nestling in the mountains

Now, who wouldn't want to work in a place like this?

Surrounded by lush alpine greenery in the valley of Saint-Jean-de-Morains between Lyon and Grenoble, this is one corporate office unlike any other you ever saw. The newly constructed office of Rossignol, a leader in the snow sports industry, has been designed and constructed to reflect their technology, commitment to the outdoors, as well as their beautiful, mountainous surroundings. Designed by Herault Arnold Architctes, the structure has been blanketed under one continuous roof that dips, sways and peaks to reflect the mountains around it, with skylights that allow natural light to stream in to rooms.

The skeleton has been built of steel allowing for large, open interior spaces; and then clothed in natural larch wood and grass. The building maximises the use of natural energy by making good use of insulation which prevents the loss of heat. All heat that is wasted is recovered and re-injected into its heating network, and the automatic windows open whenever the conditions outside are just right. Talk about a smart building!

 Inside, the office is the one-stop point for the company, providing for the production of equipment, offices of the management, sales and marketing offices as well as an in-house restaurant very similar to ski lodges.

Now, if you had a place like that to call work, why would you ever want to call in sick?


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