Friday, May 4, 2012

Grooming The Lush Greens - Gardening and Lawn Care

There are many garden treaters being available throughout the country, a majority of them are pricey. Moreover, most property owners just need a healthy garden without checking monotonous methods and treatment options that lawn providers tend to be obliquely recognized for. Luckily, lawn treatment isn't as challenging as people believe. All that is required is a bit regarding persistence and some time daily to keep a well groomed as well as environmentally friendly lawn. Most problems encountered by homeowners with lawns are actually easy to treat and control. Weed growth that seems to be getting out of control could be treated with herbicides. However, the harmful weeds must be identified in order to fully exterminate this dilemma. Organic and environmentally friendly herbicides are also available to help reduce the chemicals that are being sprayed on the soil.

Bare patches on the lawn usually indicate pests or diseases. As such, it is best to remove the said patches and to replace them with healthy soil. Fertilizer must be added before the grass seeds are spread out evenly on the soil. This newly patched section must be raked so that only around five to ten percent of the seeds are visible on the soil. A layer of natural compost or straw could be added as well to provide wetness to the soil and to ward off any inquisitive birds within the area. Another common lawn care problem is the presence of uneven or bumpy ground. Fortunately, this problem could be easily taken care of if the bump is not more than an inch high. An equal blend of topsoil, sand and compost can be used to fill up uneven areas. Add a touch of fertilizer and sprinkle some water to further even out the soil.

Compacted soil may pose as a bothersome dilemma for some homeowners as this often clogs up the root system. Thus, sufficient moisture, oxygen and nutrient distribution are hindered. The only way to solve this problem is to have soil aerated for at least a couple times each year. Lawn aerators can easily be rented from companies that provide lawn services. It would be advisable to complete more research regarding the garden strategies utilized by specialist garden companies. Nevertheless, it could nevertheless be much better to get specialist help or perhaps advice prior to embarking on trial and error treatments. Garden treatment may seem challenging and tiresome, but with enough knowledge and energy on your stride, a healthy yard could be effortlessly achieved.


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