Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just hanging around!

So you fancy yourself a camping enthusiast? Or do you dream of weekends spent outside of four walls and far from the madding crowd?

Well, whatever be your reason for heading out of the city or even your own house, we're sure these tree-hung tents called Tentsile Treehouse Tents would make you very happy!

The tents are meant to be anchored off the ground and mostly, as the name suggests, to be hung between trees when you're living in the wild, much like a hammock. And if there are no trees handy or you just feel the desire or well, the necessity, to sleep out of doors in your backyard, these Tentsile Treehouse Tents also come equipped with three poles you can use to anchor your tent. So, yes, it's a lot like a portable tree house and claims that it'll keep you safe from, well, everything that crawls on the ground, including ground water. For things that can fall off trees ... well, we wish you luck.

The other interesting feature of the tent is that it has compartments and claims to have sleeping room for three people! Well!

Now, as is obvious while the tent is perfect for some situations and you're OK wit jumping out of bed, literally, every morning, we're not sure it's the most ideal thing for every situation.For instance, if your camping trip is an extended one, not having any sort of solid ground under you for such a long time could cause you some back problems. Also, when it rains, only water on the ground would not be your problem. Water could also pool on the tent making things rather uncomfortable.

However, if its camping in the backyard you're looking at, the Tentsile Treehouse Tents sound like a great proposition. 


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