Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living in the deep, blue sea

Fancy living in a hotel where you wake up to, not the sun, but coral reefs outside your window? Well, your wish might just be Dubai's command.

Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology has unfurled Dubai's latest underwater ambition - the Water Discus Hotel.Though this isn't Dubai's first attempt at a place like that, this one is aimed at being slightly different from the earlier plan; whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

The hotel will comprise of a series of discs, one of which will be positioned about 21 stories underwater, offering the guests a view directly into the Persian Gulf. These discs are also interchangeable and if that particular area of Dubai were to fall out of fashion for any reason, well, DOT has thought of that too. “If any changes in environmental or economic conditions occur, the Water Discus modules can be transferred to a different place. This offers a unique opportunity to live underwater on a permanent basis with unlimited options to change locations.”  

What this also apparently means is that any interior design changes or other things could actually take place offsite.

 What is also interesting about the design is that the above-water discs have “positive buoyancy, which means they can be used as lifesaving vessels after being detached from the main body of the upper disc.”

And, if for reasons unforeseen , the hotel is not constructed in the planned location, Deep Ocean Technology have made the design plans adaptable to varying sea levels.

The hotel is also to include a diving center, underwater tourist vehicles, a spa, garden areas, an above-water terrace, and a helipad for guests.

Now, all that remains is to see if these plans will come to fruition or go the way of the Hydropolis or Dubai's famous but now sinking island atlas.


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