Friday, November 11, 2011

Your Dream Home Customization

Most house plans are the designs presented in the House of design houses were taken from the same stock house plans presented at this site. Almost everyone is going to make some changes to your house plan when building their new home. Some simple changes are made on site by the manufacturer called red line, while most of the major structural changes are redrawn by the designer or architect to ensure the accuracy of construction.

Our designers and architects would like to guide you through the process of change and adapt a stock house plan to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The most common and cheapest way to make simple changes to a red lining of the drawings, which simply means to make changes directly to the floor, a pen or a red line with a pencil instead of redesigning the plan. Red-lining is not suitable for large structural changes, which would require the design by the designer or architect, better than the original designer.

Some common red-lining changes are as follows:
  • Removal of interior walls that do not affect the structural integrity of the house.
  • Added a length of a part of the house, it will not be affected by the structural bays.
  • Add, modify or change the location of doors and windows.
  • Material changes, furniture, layout, wardrobe, cupboards, etc. 
  • The addition or removal of a fireplace, garage, decorative windows, ceilings dropped or raised.
Although the red-lining is a common way to modify a house plan, check with your local building codes to make the changes you are doing is considered an acceptable method to change the plans, especially if you are building in high winds or of flood areas. It will also make sure to order enough sets of drawings, because you can not make photocopies.


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