Friday, November 4, 2011

Sprinklers Save Lives And Conserves Resources

Builders and owners are always looking for home products and systems that save energy and resources and make their homes more environmentally friendly. The residential construction industry has been aggressively seeking to provide greener products and systems for home consumers.

One of the house, which is a natural green for over 25 years in a residential sprinkler system. Designed, it is a central system that saves lives and property. Through the suppression of fire, saves natural resources, energy and the environment. And most importantly ... save your life in their home.

Residential sprinkler systems save lives and protect property.

As the work of spraying in the house to contain the fire quickly, minimizing the release of toxic gases that are released when the elements of your house caught fire. Because the fire was quickly - the risk of property damage is greatly reduced. For example, the city of Scottsdale, Arizona passed an ordinance of irrigation for all new residential construction in 1986. The Scottsdale Rural / Metro Fire Department has published a study after 15 years of this code.

Residential fire sprinklers to conserve water.

Sprinkler at home according to the National Coalition Party 90 percent of residential fires are included with the operation of a sprinkler. What emissions sprayer from 8 to 20 liters per minute (gpm). This is a great difference between the fire department, which releases 90-160 gpm of water to extinguish a fire hose.

Residential fire sprinklers to protect the environment.

Sprinkler system installed in a house fire smoke very little, because the fire contained quickly and efficiently. Only a small amount of toxic gases and fumes released into the atmosphere. Homes without exhaust system to turn on the publication, which is very toxic to the environment, because it is a burning items at home.


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