Friday, November 25, 2011

Trendy Bathroom Sinks

There is nothing more than water based on the furnishings, especially the bathroom sink. Common bathroom sink has come a long way just in a bowl designed to collect water. Basins today are smart, colorful, vibrant and highly functional.

Sinks can be installed as a counter-top or tabletop device, as an autonomous unit, or even hung on the wall. Because many options for style, size, materials and functions, you can now find beautiful, high quality, sinks that would fit any budget.

One of the most popular bathroom sink designs are a top-mounted sink or vessel sink. Instead of being immersed in a cabinet or stand alone as a sink, vessel sink is a star of light in the bathroom. They are very popular because of their unique style and ability to blend into any decor.

Another popular design, sink under-mounted sink, because it creates clean lines and modern elegance. This sink looks best with natural granite, marble, slate or synthetic counters .. You can choose any style of under-mounted sink to complement your countertop and faucet.

Another popular option is to take the traditional porcelain sink and add an artistic touch. You can choose a color, hand-painted motifs such as flowers, geometric figures, landscapes and more. It's a bit more expensive but worth the investment.

Wall-mounted sink is a basin on the wall. They are located at the desired height and can be flush to the wall, recessed or semi-recessed. They come in a wide range of sizes, including small hand well, but you do not receive much more storage space with them.

For years, his only option was to sink in porcelain and stainless steel, but today you can find sinks in ceramic, pottery, copper, stone and glass.

Glass has become very popular because not only look amazing but also very durable. Imagine a blue glass sink gold, black, orange or red, designed for all shapes and sizes, and then imagine that rests on marble or stone bench or wall. Unlike some of the sinks, glass goes with any interior.

Do not forget how well rounded sinks have become over the last ten years. You no longer have to settle for standard round sink, but can choose a square, oval-shaped flower, and so on to create a unique design.



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