Friday, November 4, 2011

Installing A Hardwood Floor By Yourself

This project is not the easiest to handle at home, but if you are reasonably handy and patient , you can probably establish a new solid floor in your home if you choose a prefabricated products. This eliminates the extra work and expertise of sanding, staining and finishing of your new floor.

Following are few steps:
Step 1: The first step is to choose the type of wood flooring in the field you want. You can choose between prefinished, laminate (also called a set) strips and planks made from either solid wood or thin plywood. Prefinished floors are available in different color stain and the thickness of the tongue and groove edges. If you install a new flooring you'll want to go to 3/4-inch thick on the floor if it exists, you can choose a low profile style that is much thinner and reduces costs significantly. Remember that solid wood flooring is not recommended for basements or below grade.

Step 2: Then we need to understand how much flooring you need to subscribe. Just measure the width and length of the room and say the two numbers to get the movie whole square. Remember to sign an additional 10% cut, installation and repair on the road, because if you do not need to organize to get an exact match.

Be sure to leave the room, stacked floor, where you can install it for at least two weeks before installation, so the tree can adapt to the temperature of your home. Proper alignment helps to reduce movement on board, too squeaks and gaps after installation.

Step 3: It 's relatively easy to prepare your foundation for pre-finished parquet flooring can be installed on old wood or plywood sub-floor. It is recommended to attach the base to the floor beams or wood screws are used to eliminate squeaks in the floor. Make sure the floor is completely clean, because even the slightest bump can cause the floor should be not perfectly horizontal.

Step 4: To help combat and reduce humidity squeaks, you want to install a vapor barrier between the floor and the subfloor. It is recommended that you use Roofing black 15 lb to provide some protection against moisture, vapor or red rosin paper, if moisture is not a problem. Simply unroll the paper, smoothed and attach to the substrate using a stapler robust.


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