Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is Design

Looking for a "fix" to qualify the word, are you? Something to define it and perhaps point you in the direction of what kind of design we're referring to? Well, we'd suggest don't. Really, futile to try to define that which is everywhere, isn't it? Something that fills every space of our known world. 

Think about this. Whether you're taking a walk down a hot, dusty Indian street or one where you have victorian edifices peering back at you or simply sitting in the comfort of your home – you're surrounded by design just as much as a fish is surrounded by water (if it's lucky, anyway!). It's in the shoes you wear, your high-tech TV set, the couch you're sitting on, the couch you'd like to be sitting on, the painting that adorns ur wall … in fact the very wall itself! The world is like a canvas smeared with a million designs clamouring for your attention; until you take a tiny step back and realise the canvas is a design in itself! You can, literally, design your whole world around the design you want it to be – just like the canvas.

And there's nothing that differentiates the immediate reality of two people more than the design that surrounds them - from the smaller things to the bigger reality. So, what would you like your reality to look like today?


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