Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

Functionality, style, comfort

No two customers are the same. This is especially true in the construction of new homes where the owners take an active role in the selection of products used in the design and functionality in their new kitchen and bathroom.

Here are some interesting facts about what consumers want and expect from today's faucets:

Maximum of purchase decisions are made in house by women.

Women are 'drivers' of the market by nearly 70% of purchasing decisions in the house. These days, women not only to select products for their aesthetic qualities, but also taking account of their duties beyond the convenience they offer in the house.

70% of consumers prefer a pull-out kitchen faucet or pull-down at the time to invest over $ 100 purchase. Our tech-savvy society has become accustomed to products that offer flexibility, greater efficiency and improve our way of life.

Given this trend, not surprisingly, kitchen faucets pull-out and pull-down is one of the fastest growing categories of the faucet. 70% of consumers prefer the traditional style or casual. Numerous options and endless possibilities of customization, consumers express their personality and sense of style through the interior. Most of today's consumers are looking for a traditional look or casual.

Today, the traditional business is a sophisticated space rich, deep shades of luxury as mochas, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and brass and gold weather.

Natural materials that feel good in contact with organic shaped objects inspired to help create the look you want in space. 70% of consumers prefer double-jet system. Double feature showers, which allows a different volume and temperature control, to give more power shower experience.


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