Friday, June 8, 2012

Nature - The Best Therapist - Horticultural Therapy

Stress is a part of everyday life, and more and more people are looking for ways to reduce daily tension. The demands of work, family life, and community obligations can all add up to create a sense of pressure in our lives. There are many ways to deal with stress and the ways include relaxation, exercise, meditation, and enjoying creative hobbies. For instance, gardening is a fantastic combination of all of these ways to attack stress. And, it has the added benefit of providing healthy foods for you and your family.

Health professionals have recognized the benefits of gardening, and recommended to many patients. The professionals applied horticultural therapy onto their patients, which brought forth remarkable healing in terms of physical, mental and emotional aspects. Having a garden is like having your own private retreat. In your garden, you can escape from the peace intruding nuances and information overload of everyday life, and focus on the serenity of the simplest things.

Physical activity is a great way to reduce stress. Exercising releases endorphins, which are your body's own pain-killers. Endorphins create a sense of happiness and well-being. You can release powerful endorphins while working in your garden, if you plan your garden workouts to provide a steady level of activity. You can create a garden workout by alternating movements while you are in the garden. Rake for about 15 minutes, and then switch to digging, then pruning, and so on. Work through your variety of movements at a steady pace. You can also alternate more strenuous activities with less difficult ones.

It's important to stretch before and after your gardening sessions, which is an excellent stress-buster. Soothe your muscles and your mind as you reach, stretch and breathe deeply. Gardening provides valuable rewards that are sure to lift your mood and reduce stress. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment when your garden yields crops of lush red tomatoes or crisp cucumbers. You'll benefit from the power of positive thinking as you watch the progress of your plants and nurture them through the growing season.

Be imaginative in the kitchen with your garden produce. Cooking is a wonderful creative activity that the whole family can enjoy. You can look forward to making delicious meals and trying new things, avoiding the stress of grocery lines and rising food prices. If you're feeling stressed, you might head to the gym or put your feet up in front of the TV. But only gardening can provide you with a full range of stress reducing benefits. Get out in the garden and enjoy the unique combination of exercise, relaxation and rewards that gardening provides.

Nothing can fill in for the feel of fresh sun rays on your body, a generous lease of fresh air to breathe and reconnect yourself with nature and its nurture. Gardening allows your mind to quiet down as you work. The rhythm that is involved in the gardening work promises to bring in a soothing and peaceful affect in your instincts. Concentrating on nurturing your plants and the results it produces is a great way to slow down your mind and live life to the most. Think about your breathing as you work, and stop to enjoy the aspects of serenity in the boulevard of greenery. Head outside and start nurturing your boulevard to reduce stress and live a healthy and active lifestyle.


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